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 Aef's examples: DDE example ( 0/3)

Example of DDE . This is  what I found in the READ.ME:

Hi all,

This is a DDE Client Server example. You need to import both AEFs, and generate EXEs. In order to run properly, first launch the server, and then the client. With this example you can see the overall structure of how to create DDE clients and servers with

The server contains two windows, each corresponding to a DDE topic. One for "Color" and one for "Employee". The color window has scroll bars that you can move, and by doing so, the client updates it's color values. The employee window is a standard DBServ
There is one bug in this area, that I needed to get around. The data string that is passed to the client upon requesting data is too long (at least with the AsString access. I was not able to get GetData() to work as documented, but I will investigate thi

So, enjoy playing with it.

Igal Shenkelman [CA]

Thu, 30 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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