FS:Clarion 2.108 + LPM 1.53 + Books 
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 FS:Clarion 2.108 + LPM 1.53 + Books

I know DOS isn't a real popular subject any more but I cleaning out and
have some stuff for sale. Here it is:

Clarion Developer. All original with 2.108 and 2.110 disk set. All
manuals and very nice shape.

LPM 1.5 With all docs in perfect shape. Maybe a few underlines in
manuals. Even have the free upgrade coupon to LPM 3.0 (Right!)

Developing Large Applications With Clarion - Mark Yelich
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for CPD  - PCIG (w/disk)
Working with Clarion - Gary Liming
Using Clarion Professional Developer - Mark S. Burgess (W/Disks)
Clarion Tech Journal, Clarion Developer and assorted magazines with some
code disks

All this stuff is in good shape except for some of the magazines have
the front or back cover messed up a bit. I want to sell it to someone as
a bundle. Please make me an offer or it'll go to the Salvation Army.
Someone is bound to need some of this stuff.

Yes I do have CW...
Please reply via my email.

Thu, 09 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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