New Imaging SDK - Image-XChange demo 
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 New Imaging SDK - Image-XChange demo

Hi all,

we have been asked by several developers for information/status relating to
our new Imaging SDK,  Image-XChange.

We have therefore made a Beta, demo application available from our web site
with further more detailed information on the functionality.

We are still fine tuning 1 or 2 elements like file compression/optimisation
and expect to release the first Beta in a week or so - with the Clarion
Templates following shortly after.

The functionality works across the full spectrum of 32 bit Windows OS's,
offers both Twain and WIA (for XP) scanning support and a good deal more.

Pricing will be available mid next week and will include a special price
break for existing PDF & TIFF-XChange SDK owners.

for more information please visit :

For the Demo app please visit:

comments welcome !

best regards

John V
Tracker Software
Authors of Developer Tools
PDF-XChange & Tiff-XChange
Royalty Free PDF & Tiff creation tools
API & Driver

Fri, 25 Feb 2005 13:21:19 GMT  
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