Converting data from TPS table to MS SQL 7 table getting wrong values 
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 Converting data from TPS table to MS SQL 7 table getting wrong values


I wrote a procedure to convert data from a TPS table to a MS SQL 7 table
using CW55PE legacy and the ODBC driver.

It is creating the correct number of rows, but the column value's are wrong.

For example, I have a column named CustomerNumber in the TPS table column
type short. In the MS SQL table in my dictionary this same column is a short
as well. This column's type is smallint in the MS SQL table.

No matter what the actual value was when I look at the column's values in
the MS SQL table it is 8241.
However, if I list the read values in a Queue in Clarion it would be
something like 1234, 1246, etc.

I have a column named beginningzone in the TPS datafile using a Long. In the
dictionar the MS SQL table is a long as well in the MS SQL database I used a
type a int and is displayed as 538976288.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Mon, 18 Apr 2005 06:30:02 GMT  
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