RTF-control HELP!!!!! 
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 RTF-control HELP!!!!!

we have some problems with the RTF-control.

First some background-information:
The field used to be a CSTRING, but was changed to STRING in the dictionary
In the database (Mssql) the field is a NTEXT(16)
On the form the old control (Text Field) was deleted, and then the
RTF-control was populated.
The RTF-control is populated on a FORM  (no Tabs)

The RTF-control works very well on all new records, but on existing records
we have the following problems:
1. Existing text is displayed with a strange fill-sign ( the text
"ljljljljljjl?j" in the database   is displayed as
"l|j|l|j|l|j|l|j|l|j||j|l|?|j" in the RTF-control)
    ((| = &#0) when I manually copied the text from the database into this

2. An exististing record with a blank text-field in the database is
displayed with the last displayed text in the RTF-control (as soon as a text
has been
    displayed in the RTF-control it will show the same text on all records
with a blank text-field)
    When I try to save such a record I get the message: "This records was
changed by another station"

Then some general questions about the RTF-control:
3. The RTF-template does not generate code for saving the contents of the
control to a field, we had to manually put in
    "Save the contents of the RTF control to a field" on the
TakeCompleted-embed for it so save the contents to the designated field
    Is it supposed to work like this?

4. We display only the FORMAT BAR, by default it has BOLD on. WHY? How do we
turn BOLD off?

Kari S. B?tnes
HiaData, Norway

Tue, 09 Aug 2005 17:26:28 GMT  
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