Problem Using PUT in AS400 with ODBC 
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 Problem Using PUT in AS400 with ODBC


I tried to connect my app with an as400 with the ODBC driver an it worked Ok
adding records, but
when I use SET(KEY) + NEXT(FILE) + PUT(FILE) clarion post an error INVALID
The help says that PUT(FILE) works ok with odbc and with as400 and I dont
know what to do.
The files are defined ok in as400, and the secondary indexes are declared in
as400 logical files, attached to the main files, with their names linked in
"external name" with clarion dictionary files.
All seems to work ok, but PUT statement ....

pd. ADD(file) and NEXT(File) work fine!

Please, can anyone help me ?

Sergio Hs,


Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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