Network Problems with Nettools EE 
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 Network Problems with Nettools EE

I have a  16 bit CW5 app that uses DAT datafiles on a Novell server.  I want
to attach a drive letter to a network resource with a spesified  login name
and password.  This is possible through the network class (only for ABC
templates)  of the Nettools template but only works with 32 bit code and
then it ask for certain dll files wich I don't have (i.e. calwin32.dll,
clxwin32.dll, ext) .  Can anybody help me?

I want to have a 16 app to run on Win3.1 and 95's.  The normal Nettools
Template  let me attach to a second server but when I try to log on to the
second server my connection with the other servers are closed.
Any suggestion would be appreciated...


Mon, 19 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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