Program lockup on AST 133 
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 Program lockup on AST 133

Hi All,

I just released the beta version of my new software.  One of the people
who downloaded it reports that it locks up his system in the program
setup screen. He's running on an AST 133 with an Intel Pentium, 24mb Ram
and 1.2 Gb hard disk. I've had no other reports from people who have
downloaded the Installation package. Does anyone know of known problems
with the AST 133 or have any other suggestions. The app is 16 bit, using
Topspeed file driver for all data files. If anyone cares to play with it
,it is a Web catalog publishing package. Email me ( not the list ) and
I'll send instructions for downloading.

Jim Katz
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Using Clarion for Windows
Always looking for the simpler solution.

Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00 GMT  
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