ANN: Gitano Software affiliate program. 
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 ANN: Gitano Software affiliate program.

Our affiliate program is now in place.  By joining our program it makes it
possible for you to promote our award winning software while earning a
percentage of the sales that come from your site.  It costs you nothing!
That is the beauty of the program.   All you have to do is place a banner,
text or other designated link on your site or home page and we'll pay you a
commission on all sales generated through your site.  By placing the banner
where it will get the most visibility, such as on your home page, you have a
greater opportunity for sales.

You sign up, your account is created and your links are created instantly.
You have your own real time report that lets you view your account balance.
You can sit back, watch the sales come in and receive your commission
checks.  Even make money while you sleep!  It's that simple.

Earn the income that keeps on earning.  You'll get a 15% commission (or
more)  if each and every purchase your visitor makes after clicking on the
banner or other custom affiliate link, and all you did was show them where
to get the product!

The program is not limited to Clarion products you can select your promotion
from any and all products and services in:  <- 17 products and bundles to select from.  <- 3 products at present, one of them in high gear at
present being promoted heavily with a huge potential.  Currently we get
300 - 500 daily downloads and that does not include the ones we do not track
and are being hosted in other sites.  <- (under construction at present). This could net a
nice commission.

We can even do a special just for your site.  If you have a high traffic
site we can run a special just for you that will increase your click to buy
ratio.  Send me a message if you are interested on this.  High traffic sites

Go to: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;to join in and create your


Jesus F. Moreno
CEO, President
Gitano Software, Inc.
Certified Clarion Developer
ASP Developer Member  ----Software Consulting and Development  ------Your first stop for cool shareware  -------------Software Licensing and Registration  --Add-ons for Clarion Developers  -----Custom Logos and more

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