A question for the pro's: Scrolling rastermaps seamless in a window 
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 A question for the pro's: Scrolling rastermaps seamless in a window

Hi all

I have 8000 tiff-raster files covering all of Denmark in 3x2 km in 1:15.000.
Then I have a file with all road segments in Denmark. A read segment is a
single piece of road from one intersection to another. In the file I have
the coordinates on the segment's start-node (start-point) and the segments
end-node (end-point) in real world coordinates (System 34).
Now, I have to be able to do the following:

1) I need to be able to draw the road-segments on top of the raster map so
they fit together. Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt!

2) I need to be able to select: One road-segment, a group of road-segments
by pointing one at a time.or select a group of segment by drawing a polygon.
This I need to update some data on chosen segments (velocity, driving time,
rush hour factor and so on). Been there, Haven't done it yet!

3) I need to scroll the raster-maps so the user can scroll all of the files
and make an illusion of scrolling all of Denmark. Been there, Done that.

4) And now for the really tricky question: zooming. I need to be able to
zoom these maps and draw routes on it to make the user able to arrange thise
routes to visit chosen adresses.

Now, I'm stuck!

Any ideas? (Use C++ dosen't count! Delphi, maybe as I have that but don't
know how to use it.)


Henrik Kartin
Kartin Data

Fri, 25 Mar 2005 23:19:12 GMT  
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