Apache Web Server and ISAPI Broker 
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 Apache Web Server and ISAPI Broker

Is anyone using Apache to serve the ISAPI broker?  Can it be done?
I'm trying to set it up for testing purposes so I do not have to
invest in a Win 2k server, but I am having troubles getting it to
work.  I have the webserver set up, but when I try to log on to the
broker maintenance page on the client side, I get the correct pop-up
password screen, but nothing happens when I enter the correct
password.  Likewise when I try to run an app I get the "The Requested
Program Did Not Execute." error.  It is currently running on Win 2k
professional and Apache 1.3.20.  If anyone has some tips or a
configuration file they would like to throw my way it would be much

Alan McMillan

Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:54:28 GMT  
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