App Init version 2.1 released 
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 App Init version 2.1 released

Version 2.1 of App Init has been placed on my website for download to
all registered users. App Init can be purchased through Clarion Shop

App Init supports Clarion 5 and 5.5 ABC 32 bit only.

Features in Version 2.1

* Automatic build number generation at each compile.

* Automatic generation of Splash Screen and About box.

* Email and Homepage links on the About box are "hotfields" that are
clickable links.

* String constants in the splash and about screens are translatable
into any local language.

* Version stamping of exe and dll with the generated version

* DLL versions can be checked against a master list in the main exe
for version level compliance.

* Unneccessary ABC classes can be excluded when making DLL modules

* An extension template is provided to save and restore global values
to an ini file at application start and end.

* A Procedure level extension template is provided to save and restore
procedure level information to an ini file.

* Application can be limited to a single instance.

* Windows shutdown request can be responded to by shutting application

* Version number can be applied to application main caption.

* Copyright years have the option of using the internal date stamp or
of using manually entered year.

* Build date can be set to display either the current date, or the
date the application was last changed.

* A system-wide icon can be set.

Best Regards

The AppInit Template Set

Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:48:11 GMT  
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