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DanEffective of 02-16-99

  If you are a Clarion/Topspeed developer and actually develop Real World Applications,  ( These are Apps for actual end users) not 3rd Party add-ons for Clarion/Topspeed.

  You now have a Web Site to advertise your wares to the Clarion community and anyone else who happens by. Hopefully I will be able to submit the site to search engines on a fairly regular basis.

    I have at times looked far and wide for an application that one  of my clients needed, and i didn't have the time nor the inclination to write it for them from scatch. Boy would it have been convenient to just go to a Web Site and look for what I needed.

    If you are interested in contributing:

1. Create a one (1) page html describing your product
     Include all the details including pricing and availability.
     Create a link to your page at using the address as follows.

      Obviously yourpage.htm would be the name of the html  
      page you created.
      Do not include any pictures at this time, maybe in the future
      when we get it all up and running.

2.  Be sure to include your Contact information - Email address,
     Phone Number, Web address for downloading demos Etc.

3. I don't have enough room to accept the actual demo  
    programs, but i think we can fit a hell of a lot of literature
    pages on 25 Meg.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please, just developers of Real World Applications, no 3rd party products etc.

I may also need help with the site, web page design, submitting
to search engines and all. Anyone interested is welcome to help, I pay $ 0.00 per hour.<g>

Let's give it a go, what do you think.


Sat, 04 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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