Intellimouse Returns 'File Not Open' 
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 Intellimouse Returns 'File Not Open'

Greetings all,

I just got a call from a client and have been able to replicate a problem
while scrolling a browse box with the wheel on a Microsoft Intellimouse.
The app is a 17 dll C5b-ABC app with TPS files and the problem happens on
all template generated browses.  The specific configuration is...

Situation 1 (at client);
Gateway PIII - Windows 98 (New last week)  Happens when running locally or
logged in and running on NT Server.  When the user brings up a browse, left
clicks in the browse to gain focus and spins the wheel once or twice, a
template generated error stating that the file they are browsing pops up!
(errorcode 37 file not open).   Lock up of application ensues..

Situation 2 (at my office);
Dell PIII - Windows 98 (a couple of months old)  Same results as above,
except also happens locally or connected to a Novell Network and take
considerable 'spinning' of the wheel to force the error.

Situation 3 (at my office)
HP PIII - Windows 98 with a 'Logitech' wheel mouse (locally and Novell)
Runs perfectly.

I had the user delete the mouse from their hardware profile and let windows
reinstall it, however the problem did not go away.  In all cases, the
Windows version is 4.10.1998.  I am not sure of the intellimouse version
number although I know that version 2.2 is available on the Microsoft web

Has anybody else had problems with the Microsoft Intellimouse?  Is is a C5
library problem?  I asked the client to download the latest drivers from MS,
but thought maybe someone out there in ClarionLand may have run across this
is the past....

Thanx in advance!

Andy Hodge
Chief Bottle Washer
Windflite Computer Systems, Inc

Tue, 09 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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