AppInit Version 2.0 Released 
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 AppInit Version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of AppInit is now available for download at


The setup is a single exe.

It is password protected and there is a new password for
version 2.0. If you have purchased version 1.0 you are
entitled to an upgrade to all future versions of App Init
for CW 5 and CW55 at no extra charge. I do ask that you send
me an email requesting the new password so that I may track
the usage of AppInit.

For everyone else, Version 2.0 can be ordered at Clarionshop.


o An extension template has been added specifically for DLLs.
  This Extension will only include the version stamping portion
  of AppInit and does not include the Splash Screen or About
  Screen functions. Additionally, this template allows you to
  disable exporting of ABC compliant libraries that you are not
  using in your application.

o The About Screen now has the ability to display a list of your
  applications DLLs and their stamped version information. The
  list also checks the DLL against a minimum version requirement
  and highlights older DLLs as out of date.

o AppInit can now be used to limit your application to a single
  instance. This functionality uses the CreateMutex API call

o AppInit can now let your application obey a Windows Shutdown
  request by posting an event to close your application if Windows
  requests it.

o Global data has been eliminated in favor of writing the
  Version info directly into the code during template code
  generation. A new function SylkieGetVerInfo has been added
  that allows you to retrieve the stamped version information
  directly from your DLL or EXE.

o All Splash and About Screen strings can now be translated in
  the template for languages other than English.

o The Splash Screen can be disabled either at design time (by a
  template switch) or at runtime (by an ini setting). A Control
  template has been added that poulates a checkbox that will
  control this setting.

o Generation of Code in AppInit can now be completely disabled with
  a single template checkbox so that you can remove the AppInit code
  without losing your template settings. This can be invaluable during
  troubleshooting potential template conflicts.

Best Regards

The AppInit Template Set

Mon, 09 Feb 2004 23:19:48 GMT  
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