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 New Product - SFX Development-Kit

= SFX Development-Kit (LSPack add-on) =

During the last twelve month a lot of developers asked us if it is
possible to create self-extracting LSP archives (*.exe) from within
a Clarion application.

Our (soon coming) SFX Development-Kit provides an easy and royalty-
free way for software developers to add self-extracting LSP archive
creation to their 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications.
SFX Development-Kit "compiles" (without any user interaction) native
16-bit and 32-bit self-extracting archives that can contain multiple
highly compressed files.  The overhead for 16-bit archives is 34K and
for 32-bit archives it is 40K.

The resulting executables are ideal for delivering data, sending
source-code, documents, graphics and other files to customers, co-
workers and associates over the internet or via e-mail.
Parts of SFX Development-Kit are based on the soon coming SFX Setup-
Builder 3 technology (formerly known as LSP SFX-Builder 2).

We are looking for a few registered LSPack users who are interested
in beta-testing our new SFX Development-Kit.

Friedrich Linder
Linder Software  -
Developers of High-Performance Data Compression Libraries,
Installation Systems and Binary Patching Software
Using: CW2, C4b, C5 EE, CWIC, C++, J&S In-Back

Wed, 06 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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