How to change font on a report at runtime? 
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 How to change font on a report at runtime?

Regards Niels

Mon, 02 Jun 2003 19:53:47 GMT  
 How to change font on a report at runtime?

> Regards Niels

Here is a little pocedure that works:

HilfsProc.FS                PROCEDURE (HilfsUse,fn,fg,ff,fs)
    IF ~OMITTED(2)
      HilfsUse{PROP:FontName} = fn
    IF ~OMITTED(3)
      HilfsUse{PROP:FontSize} = fg
    IF ~OMITTED(4)
      HilfsUse{PROP:FontColor} = ff
    IF ~OMITTED(5)
      HilfsUse{PROP:FontStyle} = fs



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