Generic Backup Tool. 
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 Generic Backup Tool.

Hi there!

Well, It seems that I got no more free time 'til next year to spend in
this tool set. So here you got a Functional copy

This package include 3 Modules: Schedule.exe, QuickZip.exe &

Schedule: Simple app. to Execute/open/run a exe/doc/bat file at a
given interval of time.

QuickZip: Small app that Zips a Directory/file with optional use of

PowerOff: Shutdown the computer at where this program is executed!

The way I actually use these moludes on the Intranet:

1. At every Network Node, the QuickZip.exe is execute every time
Windows Start, and Zip "My Documents\*.xls;*.doc" to

2. In the NT Server, Schedule.exe run everyday at 9:00pm QuickZip.exe
and Zips the Databases directorys, and some other important files.

3. In my Computer, there is Schedule.exe to dialy run CopyTodo.bat:
"Copy M:\Respaldos\*.* D:\Respaldos\"
"Copy M:\Respaldos\Userdata\*.* D:\Respaldos\Userdata\"
"Copy M:\Respaldos\Proseso\*.* D:\Respaldos\Proseso\"

Where D:\ is a CDRW. So when I arrive in the morning: my computer is
off, the last backup is in the CDRW and I'm free of Backup dutys.

Hope you enjoy that small tools as I do!.


Sun, 15 May 2005 01:46:21 GMT  
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