Is there a seamless converter for mdb(access2)>tps 
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 Is there a seamless converter for mdb(access2)>tps

Hi there,

Over the past few months there has been a number of requests for details
on how to import a mdb file and convert it to tps.

It seems that most advocate using ODBC to make this happen. Which is
great unless you have 1500 clients like I do.

It seems that to use ODBC you have to set things up in the ODBC section
in the control panel. One entry for each mdb file. You can imagine how
many support calls I would get especially as most of them are

So, is there a seamless way of acheiving the same result.

Here is the situation. I have 5 mdb files (aprox 3 tables each) created
using Access 2 and using VB3 as the interface.

I have now started to convert all of the old VB3 apps into CW, but need
the ability to convert the mdb files.

I could write an app in VB3 that reads the records and then copies them
to a text file. Trouble is, I am not sure on how to do this, and get the
correct csv format.

So is there another way to convert mdb(Access 2) files.


Tony York
Fiscal Software
Perth Western Australia


Fri, 05 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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