Who needs SQL Anywhere Studio with WinCE support? 
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 Who needs SQL Anywhere Studio with WinCE support?

Hi everybody,

In an effort to get rid of unneeded dead software (we're reaching the
end of our downgrading now), we found two copies of the "best-kept
secret in the industry" so popular in the Clarion community, the
integrated SQL Anywhere Studio by Sybase for widespread deployment in
workgroup, mobile, and embedded database environments.

One is Version 6.0.1, the other is Version 6.0.2, both supporting
Windows CE and Java. They include the full-featured, small footprint
mobile database ADAPTIVE SERVER ANYWHERE 6.0; bi-directional
message-based REPLICATION with Sybase SQL Remote; development and
productiviity tools for simplified adminstration, GRAPHICAL DATABASE
MODELLING, and query, analysis, and REPORTING; web-enabling corporate
data and WEB SERVER; native ODBC and JDBC drivers.

They have never been used or registered, so there should be no problem
with upgrading to the current wireless connection Version 7.0.

Asking Price: US$150.00/each, plus shipping.

Terms: International Money Order requested.

Please reply in private.

Hans J. Rakow, CCP
Salmon Arm, BC - Canada

Sat, 31 May 2003 08:46:07 GMT  
 Who needs SQL Anywhere Studio with WinCE support?
Hi again

Just wanted to add that the Studio version offered is not some slimmed
down, possibly downloaded kit, but the complete version, including 11
printed manuals. For further details look up

Also, I don't think I have made it clear that the Studio now includes
"UltraLite", which is aimed at mobile and embedded DEVICES such as cell
phones, pagers, personal organizers, e.g. PALM COMPUTERS.


Sun, 01 Jun 2003 05:20:34 GMT  
 Who needs SQL Anywhere Studio with WinCE support?
Hi everybody,

Only one set left.


Mon, 02 Jun 2003 05:23:33 GMT  
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