Adding Records from Toolbar - a problem in C5E 
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 Adding Records from Toolbar - a problem in C5E

I am using Clarion 5 Enterprise and have found a situation that leads to
GPF's. I created a form with 2 tabs using the Application Wizard. The first
tab allows update of the parent file. The 2nd tab has a listbox from which
the update form for the child form can be accessed. This is all standard and
created automatically by the Application Wizard.
Clearly, when the user wishes to add another child record he/she should do
this from the list box for the child file. However, the toolbar "+" can be
clicked when the user is in the parent form. This brings up a new child
form, but the user gets a GPF when he clicks OK after filling out the form.
This appears to be a problem with C5.
Is there a way to lock the user out of clicking on the "+" on the toolbar
while in a form ? Of course I could delete the "+" from the entire
application, but it works well outside of this situation.

                    Stuart Laiken

Tue, 29 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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