Filter do not work in browse 
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 Filter do not work in browse

Hi all !

I have a browse showing children in a kindergarten  with a quite simple
filter: BOE:Stue = glo_stue. The glo_stue is a string defined in a listbox
in the toolbar

It works perfect when the program is opened first time.

In the update, I update a couple of child records inside the form template.
I have a TAB where i can update telefone numbers for children

When I return to the browse and I have updated some of the child records
(Phone numbers to be exact!) the filter is ignored, and I see all of the
records including records where  BOE:Stue <> glo_stue.

If I close the browse and opens it, I see no difference, i.e. the filter do
not filter out the records with BOE:Stue <> glo_stue.
If I close the program and reopens it, the filter works OK and filters out
the records with BOE:Stue <> glo_stue.

And i do not understand why.

To be complete, the browse has the Handy Tools marker browse extension, and
there is a child browse in the window too with Handy Tools extensions, but
it does not seem like it is the handy tools extension that make the

Please give me some hints of what can be wrong or a good place to make a

Best regards

Edvard Korsb?k

Sun, 03 Jul 2005 04:58:03 GMT  
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