ODBC driver topspeed - Please help 
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 ODBC driver topspeed - Please help

We are writing an ecommerce-app.

We have following situation. We have tps-datafiles on the homebase and files
on the hostserver. There is a program that synchronises the files each day.

On the server we use the topspeed ODBC-driver for ASP-use.

Everything works fine, until we run a synchronisation. After the synchro the
ODBC-connection is broken and we need to restart IIS.

I think the problem is that from one side (synchro-side) I need to use
native Tps connection and from the other side (IIS) I need to use ODBC
connection. Both connection run at the same time.

I need the native TPS connection, because I want the full cappacity of File
Manager 2.

Is there a way to update the database natively while an ODBC-connection is

Please help.

Danny Verpoot

Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:11:47 GMT  
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