Help with error troubleshooting Clarion v2.1 rel 218A 
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 Help with error troubleshooting Clarion v2.1 rel 218A

Hello all:

I am turning to you folks for some help with a database program that a
client of mine still uses circa 1996. Seems like a simple database,
but I am running into one error that is now occurring on a new
computer that we installed for him last week. The software
manufacturer is no longer in business.

Problem: Upon trying to print a report, using the F8 key, as defined
to Print by the software manufacturer, we recieve an error as follows:

Error on disk : during
General Failure

The character is actually the character which is used for the bottom
left corner of a double-line box in DOS.

On one of four computers (his previous computer), we are able to run
and print from this program in a Windows98 DOS box, without having to
shut down into DOS or restarting in DOS Mode. But we have to restart
in DOS Mode on all the others for printing to work.

Strangely, on my own system, I am able to print without problem from
within Win2K in a "DOS" box, but not in Windows98 on a different
booting partition, same computer.

I have fiddled with pif settings, printer settings, spool settings,
and just about everything else I can think of, but cannot seem to find
the solution. I believe that I have ruled out FATversus FAT32 as the
cause of the problem. I am convinced that it doesn't have anything to
do with the printer that's attached to LPT1, as we can switch printers
at will on the 'good' computer, and that the program prints fine in

AND, I haven't been able to find any significant differences between
these settings on the one Win98 system that will print, and the 3
others that won't.

I sure hope someone can help me out here. I look forward to your



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Mon, 08 Mar 2004 03:38:08 GMT  
 Help with error troubleshooting Clarion v2.1 rel 218A


>Error on disk : during
>General Failure

I can always reproduce this same error with
Port settings - Spool MS-DOS print jobs: ON
For CPD21 app this MUST be OFF
(if you can't change source, of cource)

Darko Karamarko
KSW Infotech

CPD2.1&LPM, CFD31, CW55PE-04

Tue, 09 Mar 2004 09:42:44 GMT  
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