Odd problem with run-time linking to a clarion dll from a non-clarion app 
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 Odd problem with run-time linking to a clarion dll from a non-clarion app

C5WE, Legacy

    I'm having a weird problem when run-time linking (ie using LoadLibrary
etc) to a Clarion DLL from a non-clarion app (namely a Visual C program).
What happens is when we call a clarion procedure that has a window with an
edit control in it, play with the edit control then quit, the program will
crash and the system then becomes unstable (like all the resources get
chewed up and not returned). Testing further we found that it works
perfectly if you use load-time linking or use run-time linking and don't
call FreeLibrary(). Unfortunatly we need to use run-time linking so
load-time linking is not suitable.

Has anyone come across this problem before and/or know how to solve it, it
would be most appreciated.


PS: Before anyone asks - yes I have the calling conventions correct.

Mon, 07 Jul 2003 10:19:37 GMT  
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