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 PRODUCT: Announcing Application Prototyper

Announcing Application Prototyper

Application Prototyper is in the early stages of development and a
downloadable copy is available for evaluation as a payable beta.

To obtain the beta product at the reduced price of only $99, contact (shortly after the server is
update)  and buy the Application Prototyper from Riebens Systems. Final
release pricing for the complete product is estimated at between $199 and

The beta product will not start without the beta password obtainable from

Application prototyper will in its final release stage allow a
designer/developer to design business processes associated with a software
development product, design a screen map (much like a website map),
prototype the application screens and capture the data elements associated
with an application screen.

Application Prototyper will also allow designers/developers to manage the
application development project and create project documentation based on
the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) standards from NASA.

Application Prototyper currently allows Software Developers to prototype the
Software Product screens according to the customer requirements. Integration
with the Business Rules Application as well as Business Process Prototying
is forseen in the near future.

A FREE distibutable screen previewer will also shortly be available to view
screen prototypes remotely.

Downloadable from http://www.*-*-*.com/
help file for the product in its current state.

Any comments or suggestions will be welcome and can be emailed to Riebens

Kind Regards

Benjamin Dell

Sat, 03 Jan 2004 19:30:21 GMT  
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