Losing display running 16 bit Clarion4b 
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 Losing display running 16 bit Clarion4b

Hi everybody,

  I converted an application from Clarion 2.003 to Clarion 4b and
compiled it in 16 bits mode (using Clarion4 legacy template) and ran it.
(Under same compiling conditions, it used to work like a charm in

  From application main menu, I just picked a menu option (module) and
the screen display of the chosen module (a browse box table) appeered on
my monitor and then just disappeered, faded away.  I could therefore
notice that this same module was still running because I couldn't pick
that same module again.  I explain.  Inside module embeds, I put a
counter which is increased inside "initialize procedure" embed when user
enters the module and then decreased inside "end of procedure" embed
when the user quits the module. So this way, I can forbid any user to
use same module more than once.  Continuing my explanation, because of
the fact that I couldn't go back to that same module, I was sure that my
module was still running.  So I issued an escape keystroke which would
put an end to my module and could effectively notice that I could use my
module again this time and got back my display like normally.

  Funny fact, I then compiled my application in 32bits mode and no
disappering problem occured.  

  Conclusion, maybe I'm wrong but it seems that Clarion4 add some extra
coding making my module too big for 16bits support. If this is a true
fact then I will have to generate any application converted to Clarion4
in 32 bits mode only.  If I still have people using Windows 3.1, this
gives my a little problem...  Any clue to this?  I ordered Clarion5.
Does it have the same problem?

Thanks in advance,

Stphane Beauchemin
Mont St-Hilaire, Qc

Sat, 16 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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