--- comp.lang.clarion guidelines: please read before you post (weekly notice) 
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 --- comp.lang.clarion guidelines: please read before you post (weekly notice)

The charter

Comp.lang.clarion provides a Usenet forum for the discussion of all
aspects of Clarion and Clarion for Windows. Technical questions will
be answered by any member. However, a group of individuals, selected
by TopSpeed Corp, Team TopSpeed Internet, will monitor
comp.lang.clarion to ensure questions receive an accurate response.


If you ask a question, or report a bug, please try to give as much
useful and relevant information in the post as possible, including
the product version and the target OS (16-bit/32-bit). If the
question is about Data File access, you should specify which file
driver you are using. Note that bug reports should also be uploaded
to Team Topspeed to ensure that Topspeed recieve them.

When replying, do not include the entire article that you are
replying to.  Cut down the part that you include to the absolute
minimum needed to provide context to your reply.

If you request replies by email you should post a summary of the
replies to the group.

Please do not post meta-level postings - i.e. postings about
comp.lang.clarion. These guidelines are by necessity an exception
to this rule.

Please do not post in languages other than English
(or at least give a translation into English)

Please do not post long lines, HTML, large binaries etc.
If you want to share large programs etc. you can upload them to

Please try to keep your signature short - for example just your name
and email address

If you see a spam (i.e. utter rubbish, possibly posted to multiple
groups )  it is probably best to ignore it completely. Bear in mind
that the signature and return address may have been forged.
Consult the net-abuse FAQ if you wish to take it further.

If you see a post you consider off-topic, or in-appropriate, then send
a polite email to the sender (only), if you wish.

Have a look at the articles in the news.announce.newusers newsgroup
for more information on netiquette.

Finally, please try to be polite, and bear in mind that each posting
will be read by a lot of people. Remember that the quality of your
postings will affect your reputation.

The following are Team TopSpeed Internet members, volunteers who are
here to help you:

Bernard Grosperrin  (Team Leader)
Mike Gould
Ray Creighton
Steve MacLeod
Todd Carlson
Colin Wynn
Rick Beckemeyer
Troy Sorzano
Alexey Solovjev

Please send objections, or suggestions for how these guidelines might

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