PVCS error [cross-posted to softvelocity.products.c55ee] 
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 PVCS error [cross-posted to softvelocity.products.c55ee]


I didn't find anything in the archives nor the PVCS help file, so I am
posting here.

I keep receiving the following error when attempting to check-in an

"Procedure "blah-blah" was found in the archive AND developer's file.
 The archive copy would have overwritten the developer's copy."

The bizarre thing is that the procedure in question was never touched during
the entire session.  This happens rather often, and seems to always be about
the same procedure, which is not a ToDo, but is actually prototyped.

I would love to get rid of this problem, because it's a hassle to start the
archive over again from scratch.

(Please, reply in this thread so that it will be available in Deja News and
the like)



Mon, 09 Feb 2004 23:31:20 GMT  
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