EasyListPrint ver 1.04 released !!! New demo application available! 
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 EasyListPrint ver 1.04 released !!! New demo application available!

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Kelvin Chua

EasyListPrint ver 1.04  released !!!   New demo application available!

- Template driven support for IceTips Report Viewer (including the new
example application) (thank to Johan de Klerk and Arnor Baldvinsson).

- In the Standard Report sometimes the last lines for long fields were not

EasyListPrint (ELP) class and template is a set of classes and templates for
automatic creation of tabulated reports, using queues or lists (for example,
automatic printing of BrowseBox contents). Creates standard WMF reports,
editable RTF reports and Excel document! You may customize Title, Header,
Footer, Total sections (fonts, alignments etc), number of pages. Widths of
columns will be automatically calculated during printing in case they
obviously are not defined in the settings. You can print ALL BrowseBox
contents despite the Loading method (so always File). It works also for
Legacy template!

For the use EasyListPrint (ELP) the following is needed:
- Clarion 5.0b or Clarion 5.5
- ABC, Legacy class template support
- 32-bits only

Best regards,

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Sun, 06 Nov 2005 13:50:29 GMT  
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