Clarion 2.1 for DOS and printing in a WIN95 DOS window 
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 Clarion 2.1 for DOS and printing in a WIN95 DOS window

We are experiencing problems with our existing Clarion 2.1 applications, our set-up is as follows:
Novell Netware 3.12
Windows 95, with Novell 32-bit client installed

We recently installed the Novell 32-bit client, to try to solve problems associated with running
Clarion 2.1 apps under Windows 95, using the Microsoft client for Netware. This has solved some of
our problems, but appears to have created more.
Users can print without any problems to network printers from any Windows based applications (Word,
Excel etc.), but when trying to print to a network printer from our Clarion 2.1 apps, the print job
remains in the queue with the status "Adding". On some occasions when users attempted to print, no
job was added to the queue.
Additionally we have had an instance of a corruption to one of our 2.1 data files, when I look at the
data file it appeared as if parts of a print job had over-written the file!
(We have been running these 2.1 apps, without problems for years, prior to the Win 95 upgrade)

We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any possible solutions.

Peter Nieuwmeyer
Plessey S.A. Ltd

Sun, 07 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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