multiple detail band in report writer 
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 multiple detail band in report writer

Previously i used Clairon to do report.
Now i want to use Clarion Report Writer to do all the reports...
But the Calrion Report Writer seems like cannot support multiple
Detail band in a single report... but i have quite a number of reports
that need multiple detail...
i there any other way to do multiple detail in clarion report writer?
thanks for your time...

Wed, 11 May 2005 12:21:22 GMT  
 multiple detail band in report writer
Hello there,
I have just started using the Report writer and found u do can most
anything within it , there is a condition property on a detail band u
can use conditional statements to decide weather a detail band gets
printed or not ,also I found to hide and unhide fields and prompts
calculate string values on the report also works quite well,
Conditional and Calculated fields helped out quite a bit aswell , also
setting up temporary files which u extract from database also makes it
easier , HTH

Wed, 18 May 2005 00:50:01 GMT  
 multiple detail band in report writer
I face two problems of using Calrion Report Writer:

1. It cannot support multiple detail band.

2. When we put '1' or '-1' in the Page after property in a group
footer band,  it always generate an empty last page (with page header
and page footer ).  IF i generate a report for a particular customer,
althought the report take one page only, there are still two pages
generated, which the last page is an empty last page with page header
and page footer.

3. If i want to do a full-page invoice form, and want to display total
amount in the page footer, the amount in the page footer is always
reset to zero (unless the report is more than one page, then the first
page will have value in first page footer, but the second page footer
still have nothing). Now i put the total amount in the group footer,
but it always align according to the total records in detail band.  It
is not the way lah...

Can any one please give me a hand on the issues stated above?
Thanks a lot...

Fri, 03 Jun 2005 11:19:27 GMT  
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