Help! Problems with C5 - Enterprise Edition 
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 Help! Problems with C5 - Enterprise Edition

I've found what seem to be some problems with Clarion.  I'm new to the
language, so I don't know whether these are Clarion problems, or just C5

1. This one I call the "midnight bug".  I started working a couple hours
before midnight one night.  I kept making changes to my dictionary and app
(window, source changes) and using "run" to test them.  I didn't leave
Clarion at all.  I went to make a source change and noticed that all of my
source (and window) changes made that night were gone!  The time on my
machine - 12:05.  It seems that only the dictionary changes I had made
during this session of Clarion were still there.  Everything else had
reverted back to it's state when I started working that night.

2. My "tab problem".  This one is almost impossible to duplicate with a
"clean" dictionary.  I'm able to work fine for a while and then at some
point, the settings for tab position and the tab name itself become
garbaged.  The tab name field will have in it what is really the
concatenation of several tab names I have used.  The tab position gets set
to blank.  Each time I edit a field in the dictionary the tab name becomes
longer and longer, with more and more junk.  Has anyone else seen this?

3. If I set the dimension of a field to be greater than one and mark that
the field should autopopulate, it doesn't.  Are these fields not supposed to
allow you to autopopulate them onto forms?

4. I've created a Pool Variable called Boolean that I use as a standard
check box field.  It's set to a 1 byte string, initial value is 'N'.  The
field must be true or false, with true being 'Y' and false is 'N'.  When I
pull in the pool variable into any field, all of my pool settings come over
except the true and false value settings.  I have to reset the 'Y' and 'N'
for each field.

5. Last one isn't a bug, just a question...  Is there anyway to hard-code
the default font for an app, instead of using the Windows default?  I want
all the screens in my app to use a set font, without having to set the font
on each window.

Thanks for any help you can give.  Have you seen any of these problems?


Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Help! Problems with C5 - Enterprise Edition

The problems that you are describing, (especially 1 and 2) really seem to
indicate some serious problems with something happening in your system...  I
have been in the Clarion Community since Personal Clarion for DOS (around
1988) and have never heard anyone with these particular problems...  Your
first step would be to do some serious Virus and Scandisks on your system to
make sure that there is nothing else happening....

Are you having any problems with any other software giving you quirky

Is your installation C5Gold, C5EEA or any of the flavors in between?

Regardless of what you find in your virus scans it sounds as if there is a
corruption in your Clarion Installation and you will want to do a new clean
installation after you have checked the system over...

Let me know what you find...

Tommy d.

Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Help! Problems with C5 - Enterprise Edition
Hi Vicki,

I'm guessing, but,

1. Save your work to disk often.
   You can not modifify source directly, you must use embeds.
   There is no midnight bug.

2. Could be the UI giving you grief on the tabs.

3. Dimension has nothing to do with the size of the field.
   Do not use unless you must.

4. 'Boolean' is likely a reserved word.
   Use a name like 'IsAvailable' or 'IsOverDue'.

5. Good question, I'd like to see an answer.
   I've always changed it for every screen.


PS. One of the tricks to Clarion is learning where all the 'gotchas' are
and avoiding them.  I suppose that goes for them all, but from your tone
I suspect you already know this.

Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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