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 C5EE - Edit in place - errors & Icons


I have a question & a problem :

In a browse box, one of the fields is displayed as an icon (on - off
situation) . Therefore I use 2 icons. Is there a way to use edit in place to
change the value of the field by just clicking on it or something like that
When I use icons, the value of the field is always shown. So I change the
foreground color to White - Navy to mask the data. Is there another elegant
way ?

When I use a multidimensioned field with edit in place I get compiler errors

data section

EditInPlace::REG:Naam EditEntryClass ! Edit-in-place class for field
EditInPlace::REG:Dag[1] EditEntryClass ! Edit-in-place class for field
REG:Dag[1]   <--- error line
EditInPlace::REG:Dag[2] EditEntryClass ! Edit-in-place class for field
REG:Dag[2]   <--- error line
EditInPlace::REG:Dag[3] EditEntryClass ! Edit-in-place class for field
REG:Dag[3]   <--- error line
(I believe the [1] should be something like _1 instead ???)

-- Warning: Label duplicated, second used: EDITINPLACE::REG:DAG

These errors for every edit in place field with dimensions

And in the generated code :

  BRW1.AddEditControl(EditInPlace::REG:Dag[1],3)   <--- error line
  BRW1.AddEditControl(EditInPlace::REG:Dag[2],4)   <--- error line
  BRW1.AddEditControl(EditInPlace::REG:Dag[3],5)   <--- error line

Generated error : No matching prototype available

Any idea how to solve ??
Thanks in advance

Hans Vinckier

Sat, 09 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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