Gitano Software Inc, gReg June Drawing Results 
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 Gitano Software Inc, gReg June Drawing Results

Congratulations to the winners of our gReg June drawing.

Winner of gSec

Adventure Technology, Inc.

Winners of Product Scope 32 PRO - Spreadsheet version


Robert Gaucher  

SCANPlus, Inc.

Rainier Data Systems



Enterprise Software House

Percival R. Blenman  

Computer Solutions  

Edwin S Hannan  

G-REGPlus  from Gitano Software is more than a simple software licensing and authorization module for your custom applications.  A LOT more!  Using state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your software against unauthorized use, G-REGPlus  provides the protection you need to ensure you receive the software licensing revenue to which you are entitled.  Whether you need to manage a single user or hundreds of users, G-REGPlus  provides the protection needed to guarantee your revenue stream. http://www.*-*-*.com/

Move up to G-REGPlus  & Save US$100.00

For a limited time we have lowered the price of our competitive upgrade to give you a sweet deal!  
If you are using any other copy protection software and you are not 100% happy with the results then move up to the best and save $100 in the process!
buy now! US$199.00


Jesus F. Moreno
CEO, President
Gitano Software, Inc.
Certified Clarion Developer
ASP Developer Member ----Software Consulting and Development ------Your first stop for cool shareware --------------Software Licensing and Registration --Add-ons for Clarion Developers

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