Column ToolTip CANNOT be disabled, pls hlp 
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 Column ToolTip CANNOT be disabled, pls hlp

Hi All,
I want to implement cell tooltip on first 2 columns in a listbox that has 5
Here is what I do :
(1) go to ListBox Properties, HelpTab, Tip = 'my default tip'  (docs said
this is mandatory)
(2) go ListBox Formatter, General Tab, check the tooltip checkbox for the
first 2 columns.
(3) go to Browsebox Extension, ToolTip Tab, and I select the variable to be
assigned as tooltip of the first 2 columns

The problem is :
For the rest of 3 columns (column 3,4,5) that I dont want any tooltip, it
display 'my default tip'
How can I disable the tooltip for these 3 columns ???
Obviously I don't check tooltip checkbox for them on listbox formatter (step

I have tried : ?Browse:5{PROPLIST:DefaultTip}='', but it doesn;t help.

Can I disable the tooltip for these 3 columns ??

Thanks in advance,

Sat, 10 Dec 2005 17:39:07 GMT  
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