Is there a seamless converter for mdb(access2)>tps 
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 Is there a seamless converter for mdb(access2)>tps


> So is there another way to convert mdb(Access 2) files.

You could download the OLE DB Active X controls called ADO from
Microsofts site and build a CW program to use them that would read from
any OLE DB compliant data source without any setup.  I would imagine
Access is OLE DB compliant as OLE DB is a microsoft invention.  You
could also write your own OLE DB client using the code (bypassing
ADO) like I had in Clarion Mag as OLE DB is just a collection of
interfaces.  For example I wrote myself an OLEDB client to read blob
data out of MSSQL which the CW driver doesnt support. Since there is no
ODBC like setup for OLEDB its easy to set up but the setup CD to
install OLEDB and/or ADO is about 6MB.  You would have to get the
microsoft install CD to all your customers in case OLEDB is not already
installed on their machine.
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