Update parent value from child form 
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 Update parent value from child form

I've got 4 separate ABC windows opened like this:
ParentBrowse --> ParentUpdate  --> ChildBrowse --> ChildUpdate
(table relations:  Employees --< LeaveTransactions)

In ChildUpdate form in TakeCompleted(), before parent call, I do...
  PAR:ParentVariable += CHL:ChildVariable
  !update a running total in parent table

Both ChildBrowse and ParentBrowse windows has string displaying
value of PAR:ParentVariable.

Problem is that after an child update PAR:ParentVariable is only updated
correctly when I go back
all the way and reopen the ParentUpdate again.  Display() or
Thiswindow.Reset() does not refresh it.  What ABC method to call to have
PAR:ParentVariable updated instantaneously from the child form?

Any suggestions appreciated


Mon, 19 Jan 2004 21:16:18 GMT  
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