APP runs on one PC but not another PC 
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 APP runs on one PC but not another PC

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     I've had the same problem.  Here's a response I got - maybe it'll help
     you, too.


     We went through a problem like this recently with a CW app. When we
     encounter problems like this we've found several possible causes:

     1.      A bad network interface card, network cabling, or a bad hub
             connection (if 10Base-T) or MAU connection (if Token Ring).
     2.      Memory. Either a bad SIMM or memory controller, or the PC has
             non-parity memory and that's causing the problem. Especially  
             on Compaq PCs we've seen situation where RAM problems don't
             generate an error message, especially if non-Compaq SIMMs
             were used to upgrade the memory in the PC. And don't assume
             that a Compaq PC comes with Compaq SIMMs! We've found
             that several "new" out-of-the-box Compaq PCs had been "fixed"
             or upgraded with non-Compaq-compatible SIMMs, and that was
             enough to cause very strange "app" problems that went away
             when genuine Compaq SIMMs were installed. This was the
             solution to our recent problem with a CW app.
     3.      A bad mother board.
     4.      A bad hard drive.

     We've also discovered that "checking out a PC top-to-bottom" usually
     doesn't find this kind of problem. And, if it's your app, why does it
     run on 49 other PCs without any problems? Not to knock your IS
     department...our client with the problem we encountered recently
     simply wouldn't believe it was the SIMMs until replacing them in that
     PC completely and totally eliminated the problem.

     I'd work on the NIC/cabling/hub/MAU solution first, because it's
     easier to check out. First, replace the NIC. If that doesn't work,
     look at the cabling.
     If you're 10BaseT or Token Ring, first switch the PC to a different
     connection on the hub/MAU. Then, if 10Base-T try running a cable from
     the PC directly to the hub. If 10Base2 (thinnet) try a different wire
     segment and change out the T-connectors on the PC in question and on
     the PCs that it's connected to.

     If none of the NIC/cabling solutions work, then replace the SIMMs with
     genuine Compaq SIMMs. If that doesn't work, then you're down to the
     mother board as the most likely culprit.

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Subject: Re: [cw-talk] APP runs on one PC but not another PC

Date:    9/15/97 8:03 AM

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Hi Fick,

Check if there is a virus program running in the background on the PC that


Julian Small aka Zorgat



> Subject: [cw-talk] APP runs on one PC but not another PC
> Date: Sunday, September 14, 1997 4:22 AM

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> Hi all

> Both PC's got same version of Win95, same configuration. App runs on one
> but not on the second PC. It does run on other PC though. So far I have
> only had one PC that causes the APP to GPF. Have reinstalled/configured
> problem PC completely but still the problem persists.

> Please help
> J. Fick van Deventer

Fri, 03 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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