Beta testers needed for faxFUSE 
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 Beta testers needed for faxFUSE

Hi all -

We need additional beta testers for our faxFUSE product to test the WinFax,
Microsoft Fax, and RightFax interfaces.  faxFUSE is another product in our
FUSE product line providing native COM automation to all three of these

We have finished the wrappers and some of the examples for these products
and are now looking to have additional testers in our beta program.  If you
use WinFax, Microsoft Fax and/or RightFax and you have a need to integrate
them into your Clarion application (like automatically faxing Clarion
reports, or sending ad hoc faxes) then please contact me to obtain more
details on joining the beta program - we'll also send you a demo of existing


Steve Johnson
ThinkData Inc.


Mon, 03 Oct 2005 03:45:11 GMT  
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