Quick Query Response Time - Advice Requested 
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 Quick Query Response Time - Advice Requested

I'm evaluating a number of solutions and would like to get you opinions.

I have a requirement to run rapid queries on files containing 2-5 million

These files are batch built and the emphasis in the application is quick
query response time.  These queries are currently being run in IBM MVS and
are at max about two minutes long.

Is FoxPro the only solution considering it deploys rushmore bitmaps or is
there a Clarion Friendly solution?  I'm a Clarion Dos guy from a couple
years back and need to know how to get a quick set of numbers from a

What about btrieve?  Is there anything out there to deliver rapid response
to "fielda = "345" and fieldvf = "ddgf" and fieldk <> "r" type queries?

Thanks in advance for assistance.

Chris Ogden

Thu, 08 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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