RARS/C55 compatibility issue 
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 RARS/C55 compatibility issue

There have been some reported problems with RARS under C55.

All provided apps and such have been tested and SHOULD work "out
of the box" with C5b, as long as all templates have been
registered and the filesrc.tpw added to the cw.tpl chain, as
outlined in the RTF file.

However, the use of RARS beyond C5b is NOT supported at this
time! In particular, C55 is NOT supported.

Since I have not been able to get C55CRx to run on any of my
systems without GPF's I have no way of checking RARS against C55
for compatibility. Since I am currently swamped with other work,
I do not anticipate working with C55 prior to the end of

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Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:07:46 GMT  
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