Very Weird Preview Problem -HELP 
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 Very Weird Preview Problem -HELP

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Thursday night was working an app and everything OK.  Friday morning I
called up the app and ran a report with the preview and nothing
happened.  Starting looking and playing and found out that NO CLARION
APP would generate a preveiw.  Not even ones I haven't touched in
years.  I can print reports just fine.  I can go to another computer on
my home network and run the off from that computer using my computer as
the server and everything is fine.  But on my computer, the progress
window comes up and the main frame looses focus but when it gets time to
display to preview nothing.  It's obviously something on MY computer
that changed from the time I shut it off to the time I turned it on .

So far I've run ScanDisk/Defrag/Anti-virus and found nothing.  Even
updated both my AV programs just to be sure.   Got plenty of drive space
left, 750MB.

Any help, suggestions would be appreciated

Thu, 16 Oct 2003 00:27:08 GMT  
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