"Local" Batch Files 
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 "Local" Batch Files

I am currently developing an inhouse accounting module which requires the
use of "batch" files.
The intention is as follows;
1. The file layouts are all defined in the dictionary
2. The master data files all reside on the data server.
3. Details of the users's "Target" and "Start In" directories would be held
in the user login file so changing paths would not be an issue.
4. When a user opens a new batch file (i.e. a purchase journal) a "local"
copy of the journal batch file is created in the local directory on the user
's PC.
5. The user can add, modify and delete records on this local file without
updating the master files.
6. When the user is satisfied that the batch is complete, the records are
appended from the local file to the master file and the "local' file is

I do not want to use queues since I want to allow the user to go back to a
file as often as required until the update is done, this may span over
several days.

I do not want to use a single file, with the various users's data being
separated by keys or filters, since I want to guarantee total data integrity
before the updates are done and any data corruption could lead to invalid or
incomplete data updates.

How do I create these "local" copies in ABC at runtime?

Any ideas?

Using 5.5PE (patch d)

Theo von Solms

Sat, 17 Jan 2004 19:40:58 GMT  
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