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We are a New York based international literary agency with two branch offices, one of
which is in* Florida. We are seeking new and> previously published authors, so please
adhere to the >following-- guidelines.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All fiction: send brief <synopsis, first chapter, and include a self addressed, stamped
envelope (SASE).
All nonfiction: brief synopsis, first chapter, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Short-Stories: brief synopsis, 3 pages, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poetry: send 3 poems, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Please do not send complete manuscript unless we ask for it.

<<Send to: Woodside International Literary Agency>>
=33-29 58 Street>>>>>>>>//
=Woodside, New York>>>>>>>>//
=Phone (main office):

Thu, 23 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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