I am not deaf, but am I mute? 
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 I am not deaf, but am I mute?

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> I've just started listening to cw-talk, and am enjoying it thoroughly.

> However, I think I may not be able to send any messages as the first message
> I tried ( repeated below ) got absolutely no responses.

> I'll try again in the hope of getting at least one return email (and not a
> response from everyone!) .

> Alan.

> Hi,

> I am using Cw 2.000, and let the Wizard create an app. The compiler returned
> the error ' dynamic pool limit exceeded isl.plists '.

> I can't find a reference to the error. Can anyone help?

> Alan O'Connor

Hi Alan

This is a common question, means you are working in 16 bits and have
exceeded a 64K limit. Please do a search of www.dejanews.com for this
string and yu will see the wonderful archive of messages they
maintain there with the answer to yuor question and many more. I run
a smaller version of this type of search engine, dedicated to

If this does not set you straight please send email to the list or
even myself for any further info.

My page for some of these services is w3.uccb.ns.ca/clarion


Best Regards
Steve MacLeod, Microcomputer Specialist          Computer Centre
University College of Cape Breton                Phone (902)563-1625
Sydney, N.S. Canada B1P 6L2                      Fax   (902)562-0119

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed are mine alone, not a
reflection of any policy or position of UCCB.

Wed, 12 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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