RTF Tools Released 
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 RTF Tools Released

RTF Tools is a Clarion for Windows Template that allows a developer to
implement the following measures into Applications created with the ABC
template chain:

Provide for printing RTF Control Contents as Standard text on a Clarion
Provide a code template for converting Softvelocity RTF Control Contents to
Provide a control for creating an HTML File from an RTF Control Contents.

This template adds two classes to the LIBSRC directory and is NOT
implemented as a LIB or DLL. This means that the developers can modify the
classes as needed

RTF TOOLS currently ONLY work with the RTF Control Implementation from

For more information AND a Demo product of the implementation of the
Reporting and the RTF2HTML features, go to www.riebens.co.za and follow the
"RTFTools" link under "Clarion Templates".

Kind Regards

Benjamin Dell
Riebens Systems

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 04:45:36 GMT  
 RTF Tools Released
Sounds useful Benjamin, I will check this one out,
while on the topic, do you, or anyone else know if there is a way to embed
an image in a clarion RTF control? I know the RTF format allows this as you
can save images in wordpad in RTF files, but opening them in clarion doesn't
display the image.

Thanks in advance.



9560 8055 fax: +61 3 9560 0700

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:40:33 GMT  
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