Trouble importing ascii file into .tps database file. 
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 Trouble importing ascii file into .tps database file.

If you are hand coding this, you would do it as follows:
OPEN( TopSpeed_File )
set( ASCII_File )
   next( ASCII_File )
   if errorcode() then break.
   TopSpeed_File:Field = ASCII_File:Field !Repeat once for each field
   Add( TopSpeed_File )
   if errorcode() then stop( clip( error() ) & ' From Add' ).
END !Loop
CLOSE( TopSpeed_File )

This is the most simple way to do it. Once you get the hang of it, try
looking at the following in the Language Reference:


Also check into the /FILEBUFFERS driver switch for ASCII files in the
Users Guide.



> I have an empty .TPS file.  From the .TPS file,I want to import an
> ascii file whose field sizes match the .TPS file structure.  This is a
> common task for database developers, however I have not been able to
> do this.  As a former foxpro developer, this would be easy.  I want to
> do the Clarion equivelent of the following Foxpro code:

> use <TopSpeed database file>             && Open the database file
> append from <ascii text file> sdf        && Append the ascii records.
> use                                      && Close the file.

> I'm using an evaluation copy of Clarion 4.  It looks like you have to
> create some type of conversion program and I've attempted to do that,
> but with no success.  Could someone provide detailed steps on how to
> do this?

> Thank-you

> Ed Fitzpatrick

Fri, 27 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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