How do I trigger a send/receive in Outlook or Outlook Express 
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 How do I trigger a send/receive in Outlook or Outlook Express

Does anyone have a proven method which
* initiates a dialup connection
* sends all messages waiting in the outbox,
* receives waiting messages into the inbox

I use both the Mail and Fax Templates, and the HndTools templates.
Both products work fine under older versions of outlook and express.
But the latest security patches seem to stop this working.

I know there is on option for outlook express on the Send Tab called
"Send messages immediately". But this only works if the user has
outlook express open. Also an option on the Security tab called "Warn
me when other applications try to send mail as me". This is turned

Our case is we place a number of emails directly into the outbox.
Then on a schedule - usually every 2 hours, we initiate a send/receive
to clear the outbox and receive any waiting mail.
We also need to shield our users from outlook.  Quite a number of our
clients hide outlook express, so that users can't easily find it, and
get distracted playing with email instead of working.
So the goal is to easily interact with Outlook or Express while hiding
that interaction from the user.

The only part not working currently is the sending of messages in the

Any ideas?

Sat, 25 Dec 2004 13:33:25 GMT  
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