FS:Clarion 2.108+LPM 1.53 + Books 
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 FS:Clarion 2.108+LPM 1.53 + Books

Hi all,

I posted this months back and promptly crashed my email... If you
responded and I
didn't... Sorry..

I know DOS isn't a real popular subject any more but I cleaning out and
have some stuff for sale. Here it is:

Clarion Developer. All original with 2.108 and 2.110 disk set. All
manuals and very nice shape.

LPM 1.5 With all docs in perfect shape. Maybe a few underlines in
manuals. Even have the free upgrade coupon to LPM 3.0 (Right!)

Developing Large Applications With Clarion - Mark Yelich
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for CPD  - PCIG (w/disk)
Working with Clarion - Gary Liming
Using Clarion Professional Developer - Mark S. Burgess (W/Disks)
Clarion Tech Journal, Clarion Developer and a bunch of assorted
magazines with some
code disks

All this stuff is in good shape except for some of the magazines have
the front or back cover messed up a bit. I want to sell it to someone as

a bundle. Someone is bound to need some of this stuff. About 30 lbs
States only due to shipping.. Thanks

Yes I do have CW...
Please reply via my email.

Mon, 31 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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